Highjacker At A Glance

High-Jacker Snowmobile Jack
with a 72" Jack Bar for Mountain Sleds.

    Ships complete with:

  • High-Jacker Snowmobile Jack
  • 72" Jack Rod
  • Universal Mounting Bracket Kit
  • Strap kit
  • Large Footprint Powder Base
  • Complete Instructions
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Highlift Deep Powder Snowmobile Jack


Highlift snowmobile jack for safety and security on the trail. Help yourself or others in deep powder situations.


Let’s face it, if you snowmobile often, you’ve been stuck. If you haven’t, you will. It will happen on the most beautiful day when the last thing you want to do is spend even a millisecond off the throttle, let alone digging yourself out.


Even worse, it happens to one of your friends and you feel obligated to help them with your snowmobile jack. Click the play arrow below to see the Highlift snowmobile jack in action.



While the HighLift snowmobile jack may not keep you from getting stuck, it will get you back on the trail quickly and safely. Unlike other jacks, that can be difficult to unpack and assemble, the Highlift Snowmobile Jack is ready to go when you are. See the “how it works” page for more details. You can also watch this video on YouTube.


Where other jacks fall short the Highlift Snowmobile Jack is tall enough to get you out of really deep drifts. It’s super lightweight, mounts easily to your sled and is easy enough for anyone to use, young or old.